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GenerLink™ -- a portable generator interconnection device that is safe for homeowners and line crews. GenerLink is a small collar permanently installed on your electric meter that allows you to easily connect a small generator to your home or office during power emergencies. With GenerLink, you simply plug in the generator and use your household or main circuit panel to select the the appliances you want to operate, based on the generator capacity.

GenerLink protects your power company line crews by automatically disconnecting a customer's home from the utility distribution system when it detects that a portable generator is plugged in and operating.

It is not only illegal to connect a standby generator directly into your electrical panel without an approved transfer switch, it can also result in fatal injury caused by 'back feeding' the power grid.
When your power goes out, the automatic transfer switch turns on the generator - whether you're home or not - and automatically turns it off when utility power is  restored.

Unlike portable generators, standby generators operate automatically with no human intervention. Nothing to move. No power cords to connect. No gas tanks to fill.

Hicks Electric can size your generator to provide power to your entire home, or just critical circuits such as refrigeration, heat, living area lighting and receptacles, etc.
Just a few years ago, the thought of owning an emergency standby generator seemed out of the ordinary.
Now, living without electricity during a power outage is unimaginable.

Many homeowners and businesses simply cannot afford to be without electricity during a power outage. Instead, they are installing home standby generators in record numbers to protect their families and investments.

The concept is really simple. Standby generators are permanently installed outside and operate just like a central air conditioner with two major differences.

Air conditioners run off electric motors, which obviously won't work during an outage. Standby generators have engines instead.

The systems are connected to your natural gas line or liquid propane tank and generate electricity as long as fuel is supplied.

Secondly, standby generators use an automatic transfer switch to monitor your utility power.
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